Pounds Down Now (PDN)

Pounds Down Now (PDN)

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O Band 

The O Band  can support people who  waist training ,recovery from abdominal injuries and surgeries such as tummy tuck, liposuction, hysterectomy, hernia, bladder problems, and kidney operations or other abdominal surgical interventions while preventing post-surgery complications and improving recovery time.

Results & Effect:
• Made with 6 pieces of segmented hook and loop fasteners, you can adjust the tightness according to your needs.
• Increases your body temperature and boosts calorie burning.
• The belt is designed to help you get the support you need for all day and all night comfort.
• Each binder is designed to cover a wide range of waist measurements to accommodate weight gain or loss and is crafted with multiple elastic support panels to prevent belt rolling.

Black heated thermal body wrap

  • WRAP YOUR WAY TO A SLIMMER FIGURE with  O Black wrap ! It  stimulates and  elevates your body temp in your midriff in order to release toxins and help to sweat away inches off your waist and tummy.Improve your figure with this Osmotic Wrap. It helps to slim your waist increasing the thermal activity.
  • A high-quality slimming film will increase the elasticity for you to use.
  • Non-toxic, tasteless, safe and healthy PE material.If you have any questions about my products, you can contact us at any time, and we will actively provide you with any service you want.

, Downloadable weight loss list

7 Easy steps to help you maintain or lose weight. (Results may vary & consult with your doctor) This is a simple and easy guide that can aid in  your weight loss journey.Combine this guide with a 3-4 day weekly workout ,such as Opleasefit free 7 @7 workout plan