Tech 2 Trainer (GOLD)

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The Os Elite Phlebotomy Teach to Trainer course is designed specifically for entrepreneurial nurses and seasoned certified phlebotomists. This comprehensive program is an excellent choice for nurses who have already started or are interested in establishing their own instructional institutions, such as CPR, CNA/GNA, and med tech programs.
For certified phlebotomists seeking to advance their careers and explore opportunities in the healthcare field, this course provides the ideal next step. By acquiring the Teach to Trainer certification, participants gain the ability to share their expertise and knowledge with future phlebotomists while potentially starting their own business ventures.
Included in the Teach to Trainer package are a set of ready-to-go documents that can brings plus add revenue to your existing business or school. Also it  enables you to elevate your resume, enhance your curriculum, add credibility that is easily to customize and align with your facility's requirements. This resource facilitates a seamless transition into instructing, ensuring that you have the necessary tools and materials to deliver a high-quality and effective phlebotomy training program.
Embrace this opportunity to expand your career horizons, empower others through education, and transform your entrepreneurial aspirations into a reality with the Os Elite Phlebotomy Teach to Trainer course.

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